Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I find the price of the ladder?

Click on the thumbnail of the ladder you are interested in and it will take you to the detailed description of the ladder and this also includes a full list of details on each size of ladder including the price.

2. How can I search for what I want?

You are able to do a search from the sku code, or product for ex. double sided step or load rating.

3. What Credit Cards do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard Credit cards.

4.  How do I know how much freight will cost me?

There are standard freight/courier rates available.

5.  What brands of ladders do you stock?

We currently stock Bailey, Easy Access Co, Little Jumbo, Allite Orchard Ladders, Branach, LADaMAX, Waku and Warthog.

6.  Do you have domestic ladders?

No we sell trade rated and professional rated products.

7. I have an old ladder with some rubber feet that need replacing and also the stays fixed is this something you can do?

Yes we can do repairs to your ladder just come and visit the workshop in Porana Road.  We also carry out safety tests on all ladders the equivalent to a WOF on your ladder.

8. What is a load rating?

The maximum safe working load of a ladder, including the weight of the user tools/equipment and materials they are carrying. Exceeding the safe working load is dangerous and voids warranties.  A minimum of 120kg load rating must be used in all work places.