Ladder Safety

Safe Use and Care of Your Ladder 

  • Never use a damaged ladder and always inspect your ladder for damage before use.
  • Always face the ladder when climbing up or down and when working.
  • Always wear non-slip footwear.
  • Do not use your ladder where an electrical hazard exists. Use only non-conductive ladders where an electrical hazard exists.
  • Never leave a ladder unattended.
  • Store ladders in a tidy, easy to reach and covered location.
  • Always be aware of other people in close proximity to where you are carrying or using your ladder.
  • If using a ladder near a doorway, ensure that the door is blocked open or locked closed.
  • Always ensure there are no electrical or telephone cables nearby.

Step Ladders            

  • Stepladders should only be used in the fully open position.
  • Ensure that the ladder is stable and all ladder feet are in contact with a firm level surface
  • Never stand on the top of a stepladder
  • At all times ensure your body is centred on the ladder.

Extension Ladders            

  • Always check that the top and bottom of the ladder is secured against slipping.
  • Always ensure both rungs are firmly engaged.
  • Always extend the ladder 1.0m above the working surface
  • Do not try to carry a long extension ladder by yourself or place in position without help
  • When using your extension ladder remember the one in four rule: the ladder should always be one metre from the vertical face for every four metres of height.