Test and repair

SureStep Safety Programme

Safe ladders save lives, and companies that actively fulfill their obligations under the Health & Safety act 2015, have been using BLS to test and repair their ladders for over 20 years. With accidents involving ladders representing a large proportion of workplace injuries, it’s not surprising that the Department of Labour is now targeting this area and has recently launched a 3 year campaign to improve safety whilst working at height.

Complementing this effort is the decision by BLS to ‘go mobile’ and provide both on-site as well as workshop-based ladder testing and repairs through the SureStep Ladder Safety Programme.

The Programme:

1. Detailed database of all your ladders including:

  • Type
  • Size
  • Age
  • Location/User
  • Maintenance history
  •  Next safety test date

2. Tagging/numbering of all ladders for tracking purposes

3. Timely reminders of scheduled annual testing dates

4. On-site ladder safety testing by a skilled BLS ladder technician according to strict criteria

5. Basic on-site maintenance/repairs

6. Full workshop maintenance/repairs as required

7. Destruction and disposal of unsafe/irreparable (condemned) ladders as agreed

Without regular testing, ladders can become a serious safety hazard despite having no obvious visual faults. The SureStep Ladder Safety Programme covers all ladder types and brands and ensures your ladders are fit for use by effectively providing each unit with a ‘warrant of fitness’.

Organisations currently benefiting from this programme come from the Construction & Trades, Power, Telecommunications, Property Maintenance and Retail industries. BLS also tests and maintains ladders for the NZ Fire Service.

“Safe ladders are our business”