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EWHEL Range Extension Ladders 180kg

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Warthog Extension Ladder - Safer, more user friendly and very sturdy

180kg Strength - feels safer to work off - much less flexible than other ladders
Large comfortable steps - same as the stepladder - right to the top
Splayed foot for stability
Single, one hand rope - goes through 4 pulleys giving eqasy one hand operation - leaving the other hand free to steady the ladder
Rope mounted on inside face of stile to avoid damage
Automatic full width height lock - safe, secure and damage resistant
Smooth action

Warthog Extension Ladders
WHEL08 2.4m - 3.6m 180kg
WHEL09 2.7m - 4.2m 180kg
WHEL10 3.0m - 4.8m 180kg
WHEL11 3.3m - 5.4m 180kg
WHEL12 3.6m - 6.0m 180kg
WHEL13 3.9m - 6.6m 180kg