Bailey Pro Extension Ladder 150kg Aluminium

The new Bailey Pro PUNCHLOCK® extension ladder features heavy duty aluminium construction.  150kg load rating and industrial duty rating make the ladder suitable for trade and commercial applications.  Durable PUNCHLOCK® D rung construction providing superior climbing comfort.  Interlocking stiles provide increased resistance to side sway providing a more secure climbing experience. 

Code Size
FS13897 2.57-4.09m
8+ Step
FS13898 3.18-5.31m 10+ Step
FS13899 3.79-6.53m 12+ Step
FS13900 4.40-7.75m 14+ Step
FS13901 5.04-9.00m 16+ Step
FS13902 5.56-10.22m 18+ Step
FS13903 6.26-11.14m 20+ Step