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Find out the best time to prune your trees and shrubs and why Allite Orchard Ladders are the best tool for the job.


To maintain a solid wall of green, shear the new growth frequently during the early part of the growing season (late Winter to early Spring or mid- to late Summer are some of the best times to prune hedges). Keep the top narrower than the base so that the upper branches don’t shade the lower ones. Stop shearing the hedge about six weeks before your areas average first frost.

Foliage Shrubs
Branches can be cut back at almost anytime of the year. Try avoid late Autumn pruning as new growth that starts after late season pruning won’t get a chance to harden off before Winter starts. If you want to do major pruning, it’s best to do this in Winter when the shrub is dormant.

Summer Flowering Trees & Shrubs
Plants that bloom in summer such as crepe myrtle, produce flowers on new growth from the current season. Prune in Winter while they’re dormant, or in early Spring before they push out their new growth.

Spring Flowering Trees & Shrubs
Early Spring bloomers like lilac and rhododendrons produce their flowers on old wood. Prune in late Spring as soon as they finish flowering. Don’t prune too late in the growing season or during Winter as you may remove flower buds, decreasing the amount of flowers for the next Spring.

Deciduous Shade Trees
Trees like oak should be pruned in Winter when they are dormant. It’s easiest to see the branch structure at this time of year too, and you’re less likely to spread diseases through pruning wounds. Avoid pruning in late Summer. Trees such as maple and birch produce a heavy sap flower when pruned in Winter, although this may be unsightly it does not harm the tree. To avoid the bleeding, you can wait until the leaves have expanded in Summer and prune then.

Deciduous Fruit Trees
Apples, peaches, pears and plums should be pruned in mid-Winter. Although winter pruning removes some of their flower buds, the goal in pruning fruit trees is to open up the tree to allow in more light for a better crop of fruit, rather than to get maximum bloom.

What Ladder is the Safest to Use?
Allite Orchard Ladders are one of the safest, most stable and practical garden ladders around and are ideal for pruning trees and shrubs. The triangular footprint and spiked feet provide really firm footing, and are popular for orchard work, both for picking and pruning. Further support and safety come from stiles that are a double box section and welded steps with anti-slip tread.  Prune and trim safely with Allite Orchard Ladders available now from BLS Ladders, click here for more details.

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