March 27, 2023 1 min read

Cleaning gutters isn’t the most fun task, but it’s an important part of your home maintenance. Blocked gutters can lead to blocked pipes, rainwater leaking into your ceiling and flooding, making a wet winter even more miserable.

What will you need? 

We recommend a Bailey extension ladder, a bucket good pair of gloves, hard bristle brush and garden hose.

Always put safety first. 

Wear non-slip shoes.  Make sure your ladder is stable, some of our Bailey ladders are available with Levelling Feet, but you can also buy a Ladder Stopper which works well on grass, concrete or tiles.  You can also anchor your ladder to a StandOff Ladder Bracket or Borsel Gutter Bracket.  Never reach farther than your natural reach – accidents happen when you reach too far.

Using your gloves, pull out any leaves and debris, while keeping one hand free to hold onto the ladder.   Put the debris in the bucket to save you time cleaning up at ground level later.  You may need to use a small hand trowel or scraper to remove stubborn debris, then sweep the bottom of the gutter with a hard bristle brush.

With your gutters cleaned out, grab your garden hose and run water through your gutters.  This will flush out any remaining debris left in your gutters and downpipes.

With these gutter cleaning tips and the right tools at hand, cleaning your gutters isn’t such a daunting task.

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