3D Climbing Frame Extension Ladders


These climbing frame extension ladders which are manufactured by Scorpro Engineering, stand out when compared with any conventional ladder. The ladders are totally unique in their design and construction.  They are extremely stable and very comfortable to use in most situations including tree topping, pruning, roofing, property maintenance, traffic systems, building trades and more. 

The 3D Climbing Frame Extension Ladders are made from structural grade aluminium and stainless steel tube, bolts and springs. With a self-stabilising foot, passive three point contact and no gyration of the frame, it is safe to use on most surfaces. 

A third rail provides considerable additional strength and the curved rung provides foot support reducing fatigue. The self-levelling foot ensures a reduced risk of slide fall giving increased stability on curved structures, corners, poles, tree trunks and other unusual shaped objects.


  • Can be set down on any irregular or sloping ground
  • Can be leant against any flat or irregular surface 
  • Only one rail needs to be leant against a secure face or corner
  • You can climb either inside or outside the rungs
  • Excellent ladders for use on staircases
  • Top rung rubbing strip also available
  • Meets or exceeds all ladder standards 
  • These ladders are made to order
 Code Min Height Max Height Weight 
EXTNCL2.3-3.8M 2.3m 3.8m 13.1kg
EXTNCL2.6-4.4M 2.6m 4.4m 14.4kg
EXTNCL2.9-5.0M 2.9m 5.0m 15.3kg
EXTNCL4.4-8.0M 4.4m 8.0m 21.9kg
EXTNCL5.0-9.2M 5.0m 9.2m 24.5kg
RUBBSTRIP Top Rung Rubbing Strip