Branach PowerMaster Extension Ladder Range

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As safe as they are tough

The PowerMaster Extension Ladder range features Branach's unique strongbox construction. This allows for dramatic rigidity which greatly reduces twist and sway. They are designed for maximum safety when working at heights.


  • Fiberglass stiles ensure workers are isolated form the ground, making the product suitable for electrical work
  • Lightweight and effortless action to deploy
  • Flat D rungs provide safety and comfort to the height worker
  • Strongbox construction results in dramatic reduction in twist and sway
  • Branach Latch or Conventional Latch available
  • All-weather resistant
  • Swivel foot maximises grip on uneven ground
  • Complies to EN 131-1
FED 4.0 2.70m 4.00m 15.5kg 160kg
FED 5.2 3.30m 5.20m 18.5kg 160kg
FED 6.4 3.90m 6.40m 21.6kg 160kg
FED 7.6 4.50m 7.60m 27.1kg 160kg
FED 8.8 5.10m 8.80m 31.5kg 160kg
FED 9.4 5.80m 9.40m 35.5kg 140kg
FED 9.8 5.80m 9.80m 35.5kg 120kg