Adjustable Height Heavy Duty Work Platforms

Meeting the demand for adjustable platforms that can hold heavy weights at a number of customizable heights - predominantly in the transport and logistics industry. 

These are unique platforms as the height of the cantilever can be adjusted to suit your working area. 

Each heavy duty platform also features 800mm cantilever length, 900mm handrail height, retractable wheel system, safety arms at front and rear, 3mm anti slip checker plate. 

5 year warranty.

Optional Upgrades:

  • Set of Wings
  • Access cage or Access hoop for cantilever
  • Forklift pockets
  • 1000mm adjustments in height
  • Wheel upgrades
  • Tool trays
  • Self-closing gate
  • All-terrain tyres including adjustable jacks for braking

Model Platform Height Height Adjust. Platform Area LxW Base Length Approx Weight
Star ADJ P1400 1400mm 1400mm x 2200mm 1200mm x 900mm 2590mm 155kg
Star ADJ P5 1500mm 1500mm x 2300mm 1200mm x 900mm 2631mm 165kg
Star ADJ P6 1800mm 1800mm x 2600mm 1200mm x 900mm 2755mm 175kg
Star ADJ P7 2100mm 2100mm x 2900mm 900mm x 900mm 2579mm 185kg
Star ADJ P8 2400mm 2400mm x 3200mm 900mm x 900mm 2703mm 195kg
Star ADJ P9 2700mm 2700mm x 3500mm 900mm x 900mm 2821mm 220kg
Star ADJ P10 3000mm 3000mm x 3800mm 1000mm x 1000mm 3052mm 235kg
Star P8
900mm 1891mm
Star P9
900mm 2015mm
Star P10
900mm 2141mm
Star P11
900mm 2260mm
Star P12
900mm 2391mm