Bailey Pro Fibreglass FSXN Extension Ladder 150kg

The new Bailey FS13917 Pro PUNCHLOCK® FSXN fibreglass extension ladder has a 150kg load rating and is ideal for use by tradespeople or DIYers where an electrical hazard exists. The Electro-safe™ fibreglass construction reduces twist, bounce and side sway.

150kg load rating and industrial duty rating make the ladder suitable for trade and commercial applications.  The PUNCHLOCK® construction provides a durable rung to stile connection.  Interlocking stiles provide increased resistance to side sway providing a more secure climbing experience.  Anti-slip PVC boots for added stability. Rung wear pads provide protection and easier raising and lowering the ladder.  Factory fitted V rung allows the ladder to be safely positioned against poles and trees. 


Step  Stock 

2.60 - 4.10m

8 NO


3.2 - 5.3m 10



3.8 - 6.6m

12 YES

4.4 - 7.8m

14 YES