Heavy Duty Work Platforms

Star Aluminium Heavy Duty Work Platforms are one of the highest rated heavy-duty platforms on the New Zealand market. This range is manufactured from an alloy temper of 6061 T7 aluminium, 4.3mm thick tubing with 3mm check plate decks and safety kickboards on all three sides. 


  • Heavy Duty platform load-rated at 450kg
  • Complies with AUS/NZ Standards
  • 5-year Manufacturing Warranty
  • 3mm Checker Plate
  • STAR P2′ through to STAR P6′ come with standard two wheels at the rear allowing wheelbarrow action
  • Safety boom arm at the front
  • Safety gate at rear
  • Optional upgrades available (castors, pneumatic wheels, tool tray, side gate)
Model Platform Height Handrail Height Platform Area Base Length Approx Weight
Star P2 600mm 900mm 750 x 900mm 1143mm 40kg
Star P3 900mm 900mm 750 x 900mm 1268mm 55kg
Star P4 1200mm 900mm 750 x 900mm 1392mm 60kg
Star P1400 1400mm 900mm 750 x 900mm 1475mm 70kg
Star P5 1500mm 900mm 7500 x 900mm 1516mm 72kg
Star P6 1800mm 900mm 750 x 900mm 1640mm 80kg
Star P7 2100mm 900mm 900 x 900mm 1766mm 90kg
Star P8 2400mm 900mm 900 x 900mm 1891mm 100kg
Star P9 2700mm 900mm 900 x 900mm 2015mm 125kg
Star P10 3000mm 900mm 1000 x 1000mm 2141mm 135kg
Star P11 3300mm 900mm 1000 x 1000mm 2260mm 145kg
Star P12 3600mm 900mm 1000 x 1000mm 2391mm 155kg