Little Jumbo Safety Steps


Little Jumbo Step Ladders
LJ210C 2 Step Compact 0.46m/1'6" 2.45m/8'2" 5kg
LJ210B 2 Step W Handrail 0.46/1'6" 2.45m/8'2" 5.5kg
LJ310 3 Step 0.69m/2'3" 2.70m/9' 6kg
LJ310B 3 Step W Handrail 0.69m/2'3" 2.70m/9' 9kg
LJ410 4 Step 0.92m/3' 2.95m/9'10" 10kg
LJ410B 4 Step W Handrail 0.92m/3' 2.95m/9'10" 11kg
L510B 5 Step W Handrail 1.15m/3'9" 3.20m/10'8" 12kg

 Heavy-duty spreader bars

  • Specially engineered twin hollow box extrusions with internal ribs for extra strength eliminate twisting and rocking
  • The flare design and slip-resistant moulded plastic feet offer unbelievable stability yet won't mark or scratch delicate surfaces
  • Safe, extra large steps (9" x 1'2").
  • Unlike ordinary ladders the steps are placed similar to stairs in your home allowing you to walk up or down while facing forward
  • To allow the use of both hands while working on a ladder requires a safe place to stand. Little Jumbo's large safe steps are ideal for safe standing when working with heavy tools
  • Folds flat with the steps tucked inside of the outer rails. Easy to carry - easy to store
  • Accessory support bracket
  • With skid resistant rubber steps
  • Please note the photograph is indicative only